Schematic Ipsum

Schematic Ipsum is a simple service for designers and developers that generates fake JSON data in accordance with a JSON Schema. By making requests to a simple API, you can generate rich structured data with appropriately typed content, as opposed to your average plain text lorem ipsum.

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Inspired by Bret Victor, the Cal-cool-ator is an attempt to transform the traditional graphing calculator into a more powerful pedagogical tool. While most calculators let students turn an equation into a graph, the Cal-cool-ator allows students to create and modify functions using an equation, graph, or table representation. When one representation changes, the others update instantly.

Jessica Liu, Clara Kliman-Silver, and I designed and created a prototype. We also wrote a paper explaining some of the motivation and ideas behind the project. (Beware, it’s a very rough prototype!)

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Six Rube Goldberg Machines

This was a senior project at Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences. My friend Gage Boozan and I stopped attending classes for the last six weeks of the school year and instead spent all day inside a tiny, unused weight room building machines.

Disney XD Station ID

I got the opportunity to work with the awesome folks at Syyn Labs on this quick machine for Disney XD. They’re also the people behind the incredible OK GO Rube Goldberg Machine.


Virion is an educational game about basic immunology. Instead of playing as the human body fighting off evil illnesses, you join the dark side, playing as a virus trying to infect as many cells as possible. Virion won the 2011 Hidden Agenda Contest.

I conceived and coded the game with Varun Singh. We used Processing.js to implement the whole thing using HTML5 technology (take that, Flash games!). Charis Loke created the art, and Johnny Koh composed the music.

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Crossword Puzzles

I’ve made crossword puzzles for the New York Times, the Brown Daily Herald. Some of my puzzles were recently published in Word., a book of crosswords by young constructors created by Natan Last.

Here are some puzzles in .puz and .pdf format. You can solve .puz files on your computer by downloading Across Lite (it’s free!).

Donner Party:
The Musical

Donner Party: The Musical is a retelling of the classic folktale in mini-musical form. Isaac Goldberg and I created the show together; he composed the music, while I wrote the lyrics and book. It was produced for the Brownbrokers Fifth Annual Mini-Musical Festival by an awesome group of actors under the direction of Michelle Migliori.

Best of Brown

One day my friend asked me if there was a list of the best courses at Brown. Since I couldn’t think of any, I decided to make Best of Brown. It uses a simple heuristic to determine the best classes: each student is asked to pick their three favorite classes, and each class is ranked by how many times it was picked.

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Optical Illusions

One of the reasons I love Brown University is that I got to take quirky courses like the one I took on optical illusions, which was co-taught by Leslie Welch, a professor of Cognitive Science, and Carl Fasano, a professor of art at RISD.

For my final project for the course, I used Processing.js to create some interactive illusions. I first replicated some classic illusions, allowing you to tweak the illusion using the arrow keys to see how the different components of the image combine to create the effect. Then I played around and came up with some new illusions by combining and remixing others.

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Hi, my name’s Jonah.

I like to make things using code, words, and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on. Right now I’m a software engineer at Clever.

Do you make things? Let’s work together.

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